I hope you find information here that's helpful and helps you decide that acupuncture is for you.

 Please feel free to contact me, it is completly without obligation.

If i can't help you i will happily signpost you to other practioners that might be a better fit for you.

You will also find links to other acupuncture information pages at the bottom of this page. 

I am a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. 

My qualifications are in Acupuncture,Tuina, Cupping, tapping and Guasha.

I also have recieved trainning in Korean hand acupucture and Auricular acupuncture.

I trained at the University of Lincoln in Lincolnshire and qualified in 2011. 

I have completed a diploma in Myofacial bodywork including scar work. 

Previously i worked in the NHS for over 20 years as a pyschiatric nurse in a variety of roles in adult,

childrens and forensic mental health so it is understandable that i have a special interest in mental health

 It is my sole aim to have local clinics to provide Acupuncture for you

This can be as either an adjunct or alternative to treatments you are undertaking.

My training in Facial acupuncture ensures i am able to provide an alternative to the surgical option.

I am fully licensed, qualified and experienced Acupuncturist who takes your health and wellbeing seriously.

I am fully Registered with South Holland and District Council and South Kestiven District council and I am also a member of the British Acupuncture Council and the FHT 


I collect your current and past medical information to asses if you are suitable for acupuncture and adjunct therapies, to record your feedback and results from treatments.

Your medical information is yours and i am keeping it to do my job, i keep it in line with data protection laws and the new GDPR guidlines.

This means that i do not share your information with anybody unless i have your express written permission,

or you are a danger to yourself or others.

You have the right to have a free copy or see your notes whenever you wish.

Over 18 .. i  will destroy your notes 7 years after your last appointment and there will be no record of you ever having had treatment.

Under 18 at the start of treatment.. i will keep it 7 years from the time you turn 18, once destroyed there will be no record of you having had treatmant. 

You can follow the links to the website and the many information sheets that will help identify why acupuncture could be so important to you.


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